Exodus Christian Web Design & Graphic Design

Exodus Christian Web Design & Graphic Design Studios…

Since 1998, we have been helping Christian churches, ministries, non-profit organizations, and businesses throughout the world make a difference by:

  • UNITING organizations who reach out to our communities with those in need of assistance
  • DELIVERING inspiration and hope to those in search of a relationship with God
  • BRINGING FORTH EXceptional Christian creativity and the message of salvation to the World!


The most important thing about us is… we’re not afraid to put it out there! We declare we are a Christian web and graphic design studio – it’s our niche – and we don’t hide it. It’s all over our website because we are proud to serve the King of Kings!


Why the Egypt theme in our website?

First, we only believe in the one true God! We are blessed to be set free in His son Jesus’ name and we want to set YOU free from mediocre design. It shouldn’t break the bank to get the EXcellent design you deserve. So often, churches, ministries, non-profits need to settle for what they can afford – what’s in the budget. But, we are here to serve and it’s not all about money for us. It’s about God’s people… YOU!

The pyramids are a great example of how EXceptional design can continue to inspire and leave a lasting impression on those who EXperience it. Great design is timeless! You can look back on it and still be captivated by it’s beauty and design… years, decades, and even centuries later.


Who we work with…

  • We work with churches to create outstanding design to deliver God’s message to His people!
  • We support various local ministries that reach out to people who need to know more about Jesus.
  • We work with non-profit organizations who are making an impact in our communities by providing services and information to those in need.
  • We work with businesses to market their products or services to the world, expanding their reach to a virtually unlimited audience on the Internet.
  • We support missionaries in various countries including Colombia, Guyana, India, Italy, Rwanda, Thailand, Zambia by providing them with web sites and hosting on our site to assist them in further developing their ministries.
  • We go out into the mission field to serve alongside missionaries delivering inspiration that knows no bounds! We enjoy many aspects of mission trips, but the gift we enjoy bringing the most is our gift of painting. If there’s a blank wall – we’d like to paint a Christian message on it!


Protecting your integrity!

We do not offer our services to companies who have questionable motives, services, or products. Our name means a lot to us! From our humble beginnings, our name stands for the values and integrity of our employees and the businesses we serve. You wouldn’t want it any other way. It’s your image on-line!


Discover a new philosophy of design at Exodus Design Studios!


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