The Journey of Exodus Christian Web Design & Graphic Design Services

Everybody asks, “How did Exodus Design get started?” So, here’s the story of Exodus Design and God’s awesome, life changing power in the lives of ordinary people.

The beginning of the journey:

In March 1997, Kris spent 6 days a week managing a pizza restaurant with her husband Rick. To Kris it was just a job, not a career and certainly not something she wanted to do with her life.

Not soon after they started managing the restaurant, Rick and Kris needed to hire more wait staff. They hired 2 Christian teenage girls who would end up spending the quiet afternoons in the restaurant sharing their love for Christ.

Oh, did I mention that Kris and Rick had not been to a church since…. 1989!

After hours and hours of listening, reflecting, sometimes getting defensive and arguing, they gave in and went to a local church for the Easter Sunday service. The church was awesome! Contemporary, Spirit filled, vibrant and ALIVE for Jesus!

This was the beginning of a new life!

Rick bought Kris a WebTV, which at the time, was a new wave techno gadget that lets you surf the Internet and get email through your TV. An artist at heart, Kris started to experiment with building web pages on free community web sites. She didn’t like the on-line editors, so she taught herself HTML. Now, with the freedom to create, she was hooked!

A couple months later, after they were committed to a new life as Christians, Kris and Rick lost their job at the pizza place. Yes, both at the same time! It was scary, to say the least. They had 3 kids to support!

But don’t worry. God was already at work… Transforming!

A gentleman by the name of Mark was in charge of the church web site. He put a notice in the bulletin for web team members and guess who answered the call? Yep, you got it… Kris!

Mark ended up hiring Kris in September 1997 to work for his web design and multi-media company.

At the same time, Kris started going to college, something she always dreamed of doing. As she was learning to use a MAC computer in her graphic design classes, she was also learning to turn on the PC that Mark gave her to work with.

Just when you think things are going good…

In late February, 1998, Mark took another job. He and his partners dissolved the company.

Sounds like a tragedy for Kris? No way… here’s where it gets good!

Mark and his partners gave Kris the computer, the software and said, “Here’s your chance to start your own company!” They even gave her the 3 web accounts they had.

Well, after a good crying session, a good nights sleep, and prayer, the name EXODUS DESIGN came to Kris. Unsure that she could do something like starting her own business, she took that daring step.

It had to be a God thing. Even Rick thought she could do it!

In March 1998, Exodus Design started with 1 paying client. Of course it was Lutheran Social Service, one of the biggest non-profit organizations in Minnesota. From there Exodus Design has grown to serve hundreds of clients across the U.S. and other Internationally.

Did I mention… Kris graduated with a degree in Graphic Design in June 2000. Just in time for the new millennium! Now with 20 years experience, you can truly see how her heart and passion for great design is translated into¬†every new project.

It keeps getting better!

Exodus Design continues to grow and our success depends on social media efforts on the Internet along with word of mouth recommendations from our clients. We have been blessed to serve clients worldwide – on every continent except Antarctica! (We’re sure they’ll call some day!)

We work with graphic design students from the local college to assist them in building their portfolios while bringing fresh inspiration and creativity to our designs.

Exodus Design plants seeds of hope for tomorrow by assisting missionaries, ministries and non-profit organizations throughout our nation and countries around the world.

Our success was built on faith. We continue to thank the Lord, and our awesome clients, for our continued success and opportunity to serve!

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