We are known for many designs services across the United States… One of them is Christian book cover designs.

I am not surprised when an author calls us and says they did not get the book cover design they thought they’d get from their “BIG” publisher. They purchased a package that comes with a book cover design BUT the cover design is nothing at all like they imagined. Most of the time it is just a stock photo with a title put on it. A lame photo and lackluster placement of text.

It’s a sad story, but it makes sense. That “great” book publishing package does not include an artist spending about 20 hours total creating a great book cover. In fact, I’d be surprised if it includes a fraction of that. Creating an outstanding book cover design that is worthy of representing a tasty book to the world of hungry readers is an IMPORTANT TASK and it takes TIME, REAL CREATIVITY, INSPIRATION, and PASSION TO BRING THAT VISION TO LIFE. Compare it to a 3 Star Michelin Chef, who’s specialty is what you crave.

We spend at least a third of our time researching current best seller book covers, designs, and trends, as well as searching for the right “ingredients” we will need to bring the vision together. Many of our cover designs are made up of 10-20 images – combined first in the artist’s mind and then in Photoshop. Then we work on a unique way to display the book title within the cover design we have created. ONLY when everything meets our own strict standards of design, do we present 2-3 initial concepts to the client. And yes, we do polish the sides of the plate to present a truly mouth watering experience to authors who finally get to taste the BEST!

Is it any wonder the BIG publishing company’s book packages DON’T include that kind of design time?

It’s all about the bottom line for them. For us, the bottom line is hearing an author’s complete satisfaction and joy when they see that cover they’ve been dreaming of. There’s nothing better than helping them make a life time dream become a reality… being a published author. To achieve this, we wouldn’t even think of limiting ourselves to time. We don’t limit ourselves at all! Our book cover design service includes us providing the full design and any components we need to create it such as – stock photos, fonts, and illustrations. If the author has a personal photo(s) they’d like us to use in the design, awesome! But we take care of everything to deliver an outstanding design to wrap that one of a kind manuscript in a one of a kind masterpiece book cover design. Our price of $575 is all-inclusive!

If you’d like more information about our book cover design services, please call us at 952.432.7956. OR visit our Book Cover Design Portfolio to see our work.


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